Make way for an efficient use
of your global assignments.

Our offer is directed towards credit institutions that want to decrease corrections of individual values as well as improve and increase the objectivity of credit decisions during a company crisis. For this purpose, we link the legally debitable global assignment with web-based technology.

Generally, global assignments are available to almost any company as an insolvency-proof loan collateral. The efficient use is only made difficult by a high administrative load. Liquidation when the collateral event occurs leads to unsatisfactory realisation rates if there is no ongoing monitoring in the time before the crisis.

Our services: a real win-win situation
for all parties involved.

Our services provide you with the prerequisites to materialise the collateral concept associated with a global assignment.

Control and Analysis
In day-to-day business, you monitor the submission rhythms and times agreed with borrowers for the lists of assignments. In addition, we monitor nominal volumes and loan-to-value ratios. If there are deviations from the target specifications, we inform.
In a crisis, you have the information you need to decide whether to continue the exposure or terminate the loan. You thereby minimize your losses.
For credit votes or disputes with third parties, use receivables data to validate decisions or support your legal position.
Disclosure and Collection
In the weeks between loan termination and the opening of insolvency proceedings, your assignment is eroded to the point of worthlessness by payments to third-party banks. Through us, you consolidate your collateral position with the disclosure directly after credit termination - before the claim is lost through payment.
We will take care of your claims until the insolvency proceedings are opened - with the consent of the insolvency administrator or, if the insolvency proceedings are not opened, even beyond.
Disclosure empowers you to act, shapes the process, and thus minimizes your losses.
Our application is a white label solution. This means, you can customize the application in accordance with your personal logo and colour design. We stay in the background while you create a seamless visual transition for your borrowers —100% in line with your CD.
With our application, you are able to offer a perfect platform for an efficient exchange of information to both your borrowers as well as to your loan officers: Your borrowers regularly upload the daily assignment lists. This way, your loan officers always keep an eye on the respective contract status.
Since we offer our application as a pure cloud solution, there is no need for a sometimes complex integration into your existing systems.
Always be on the safe side: Our application is operated in a certified data centre that meets all banking standards.
Support and Consulting
We take care of possible interface modifications as well as the ongoing support for your borrowers so that they can use the application bug-free and in an efficient way.
Borrowers benefit from our comprehensive professional support by e-mail and phone.
In addition, we are happy to advise and support you when it comes to fine-tuning the lending value parameters, for example.

Introduction of our tool:
a model process.

Our application is introduced on two levels —the one of the credit institution and the one of the borrower. In principle, you only need a few days from the conclusion of the contract with us until the first assignment list. In total, there are four steps you need to complete to successfully use our tool:

Why wait?

Assure yourself the deciding plus in transparency and security around your assignments.

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