Our service for banks:
Reach your full potential
with global assignments.

What is the advantage of always having up-to-date receivables data for the (global) assignments of your borrowers? In what way is it beneficial to be able to outsource —where needed— both the disclosure as well as the collection of the assigned receivables at a moment’s notice?  

Minimisation of the correction of individual values

More objective credit decisions due to up-to-date turnover figures

The path to benefit from these advantages is simple, reliable, and resource-efficient.

These components make your
credit business even more crisis-proof:

These components
make your credit business
even more crisis-proof:

Why should you choose assignment service?

Many reasons make our services the obvious choice when it comes to global assignments:

Fewer Corrections of Individual Values
Increase the chances of realisation in the collateral liquidation to up to 50% or more of the receivables volume.
More Objective Credit Decisions
Gain important insights into the turnover development of your borrowers on the basis of daily figures in a time series comparison.
Many Years of Expertise
Benefit from our many years of practical experience in the management, implementation, and valuation of receivables. Our chief shareholder is efcom GmbH.

efcom is the market leader for certified and audit-proof software solutions for the receivables management in Germany when it comes to processing mass data. The core of the application is a software solution which processes a receivables volume of more than € 130 billion per year with more than 100 million processed invoices.

For IRBA Institutions:
Would you like to fulfil the requirements as per Article 209 of the Capital Requirements Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 (CRR)? We can generally provide you with the necessary data and process flows for that.

Concrete advantages at attractive conditions.

Per credit institution

As a credit institution, you pay a set-up fee for the setup and all necessary customisations as well as a fixed monthly amount for the ongoing support.

Per borrower

For the setup per borrower, we charge fixed one-off payments. The ongoing use for each borrower is usually charged based on the volume.

When receivables are disclosed and collected, small unit fees apply per debtor and —in case of success— a small percentage fee of the amount collected.

Why wait?

Assure yourself the deciding plus in transparency and security around your assignments.

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